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Livestock, Artiodactyls

Alpaca {al-pak'-uh}: domesticated llama bred for wool; habitat, high Andes plainsBanteng: bali; domesticated cattle; wild OX (some domesticated); height up to 150cm (5ft) at the shoulders; about 200cm (6.5ft) long; habitat, southeast Asia; diet, bamboo shoots, grass and other plantsBighorn Sheep: male (ram); female (ewe); height about 100cm (40in) at the shoulders; about 150cm (5ft) long; horns up to 120cm (4ft) long with 45cm (18in) circumference; weigh up to 157kg (350lb); habitat, Rocky Mountains of Eastern Pacific; maneuver skillfully along rocky mountain ledgesBison (American bison): aggressive and easily angered; height upt to 1.9m (6ft); weigh up to 900kg (2000lb)Buffalo (water buffalo): habitat, south Africa
Deer (white tailed)Elk: wapiti; theory, same species as the European red deer, C. elaphus; weigh up to 350kg (770lb); height 1.5m (5ft) at the shoulders; length 2.4m (8ft); males antlers may span more than 1.5m (5ft); colour, grayish brown coat, with a white patch on the rumpGaur: largest species of wild cattle; bulls length up to 3m (10ft); height over 2m (7ft) at the shoulders; weigh up to 1000kg (2200lb)Guanaco {gwahn-ah'-koh}: Lama guanacoe; camel family, Cemelidae; length 168cm (5.5ft); shoulder height is 102cm (40in); weight average 90kg (198lb); colour,  long woolly coat is dark brown above and white below; run up to 56 km/h (35mph); good swimmers; habitat, high grasslands of the Andes from Peru to Tierra del Fuego
Kouprey: virtually extinct due to prolonged warfare; habitat, IndochinaLlama: relative of the camel; shoulder height 1.2m (4ft); length 1.2m (4ft) plus a short tail; weight 140kg (300lb); habitat, South AmericaWapiti {wahp'-i-tee}: American elk; largest living deer next to moose; males lengths up to 2.4m (7.8ft); shoulder height up to 1.5m (5ft); weigh up to 450kg (990lb); antlers, with 12 powerful tines, weigh from 20-25kg (45-55lb) and be 1.65m (5.5ft) wide; habitat, remote areas of the Rocky Mountains and Canada, principally in national parks